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Phuket Neo Water Filtration Services the Phuket base company has been found since 2009. We are the professional water filtration and water supply. We sell all types of water purifiers, filter cartridges, filter media, spare parts as well as we do the service maintenance such as cartridges and media replacement. We specialize in residential and commercial water filtration system. Our store is one of the perfect products and spare parts in the south. We also received the assistance by the water analysis from the government and private laboratory. All products are from selected manufacturers with high quality and international standards. Our engineers could consult to design and select the water filtration systems for your home, business or other purpose as well as installation by our team.

Thousands of customer proved that we seriously to do this business. Our main target are sales and service of water filters and filtration systems for homes and businesses in Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi and islands in the region. Our aftersales services, we offer full range of water filtration system including installation, repair, spare part replacement, time based maintenance. Over the past more than 7 years, we have made available to the government and private sector customers such as hotels, apartments, schools, drinking water factory as well as foreign customers recognize value very confident in our products and our services.


What we do?

  • Sell and install all types and sizes of water filters.
  • Sell and install water maker system and seawater membrane.
  • Sell water filter spare parts such as housings, PE tubes and fittings, pumps.
  • Replace the spare part cartridges and filter media
  • Reverse osmosis membrane cleaning.
  • Maintainance and repair the coin operated water vending machine. 
  • Design and install water pumps system for residential and commercial usage.
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